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Bedfordshire Serenity School

Accredited & Approved 

Training And Therapies

Welcome to Bedfordshire Serenity School provider of professional training and therapies tailored to suit your unique needs.


Having acquired a wealth of knowledge by gaining nationally recognised qualifications in a broad range of beauty and holistic therapies, mental health and education. Through higher education at The University Of Bedfordshire, award winning training schools, training providers across the UK and local colleges. Along with extensive industry experience, has positively contributed to developing and shaping Bedfordshire Serenity School.  


Bedfordshire Serenity School is a small independent training provider dedicated in providing affordable professional training for all levels of learners and learning styles. Training is suitable for complete beginners or those wanting to build on existing knowledge, through online and face to face learning.  More information available here


Built on trust and professionalism in promoting relaxation and holistically supporting wellbeing. Through personalised therapies in the comfort and security of their own home to a diverse community.  More information available here

Logos presented serves as a symbol of high quality reassurance and trust