Beauty & Spa Practical Courses

We have a flexible approach in delivering our professional approved & accredited beauty & spa fast track practical courses. We have courses suitable for beginners without any previous experience, and advanced and refresher courses for existing therapists. Payment options available for courses over £100

Beauty Facial & Skincare: Diploma: Cost: £155.00 - Facials are one of the most popular beauty treatments for clients due to being deeply relaxing, improving the texture & circulation of the skin, boosting cellular activity, rejuvenating the skin, relaxing tense and contracted muscles & much more. This one day course covers skin analysis, skin types, cleansing, toning, exfoliation, steaming, extractions & face masks. You will learn a facial, neck & shoulder massage. Pre - requisite: None.

Bacial Diploma: Cost: £85.00 - A Bacial is a thorough skin treatment specially designed and formulated for the back. The treatment can be extremely beneficial  in reducing congested skin, back acne, blemishes & dry skin. On this half day course you will learn how to offer this fantastic treatment by body brushing, cleansing, toning, steaming, exfoliating, extracting, applying a mask & moisturising the back. Pre - requisite: None 

Body Brushing: Cost: £65.00 -  A lovely standalone treatment or complimentary alongside other massage, beauty or spa treatments. On this short half day course you will learn how to use specific techniques to stimulate circulation, aid lymphatic drainage, lessen the appearance of cellulite, improve muscle tone, exfoliate the skin to improve skin texture & encourage cell renewal. Pre-requisite: None

Body Exfoliation: Cost: £85.00 - This popular treatment is also referred to as a body scrub and is excellent for sun damaged skin and dry skin, moisturiser can be more readily absorbed after an exfoliation treatment encouraging soft and glowing skin. A lovely treatment to offer your clients before tanning treatments as exfoliation ensures a more even absorption of the product. Excellent treatment to add to your list in the winter months when clients skin can be dried out with central heating, helping to improve skin texture & cell regeneration. This half day course covers how to provide a full body exfoliation & removal techniques when there is no shower facility available. Pre-requisite: None 

Inch Loss Wrapping: Cost: £85.00 - An inch loss body wrap is extremely popular with clients and is a great treatment to learn for repeated business as clients may notice the results immediately after their treatment  On this half day course you will learn the wrapping process to "contour" the body, using techniques to help lift the buttocks, emphasise waist, flatten bulges on thighs and tummy.  The products and techniques used in this treatment will leave your client with supple soft skin and a smoother, firmer, tighter and more toned body shape. Pre-requisite: None

Manicure: Cost: £85.00 - A popular treatment with clients and an ideal course if you are stating your career in the beauty industry or adding to your treatment list. On this half day course you will learn how to safely provide a professional classic manicure as well as additional techniques. Pre-requisite: None

Pedicure: Cost: £85.00 - A lovely treatment to offer your clients especially in the summer months. This half day course covers the skills required for a traditional pedicure with added techniques. Pre-requisite: None 

Manicure & Pedicure (Luxury Spa):

Spa Body Treatments: A complete body spa course covering body brushing, body exfoliation, spa body wrapping & Inch loss wrapping. ( MORE INFORMATION TO FOLLOW)

Spa Body Wrapping: Cost: £85.00 - There are many different types of spa body wrap treatments available for clients, with many products made from a combination of natural minerals & herbs. When products are applied to the body it is known as a body mask. When wrapped up the treatment can help to tone, soften & hydrate skin, remove toxins & excess water as well as target cellulite. Other treatments can be given while the client relaxes in the wrap providing you are qualified to do so. i.e. lash & brow treatments, facial, scalp massage or even Hopi ear candling. This is a very popular treatment in many spas and & salons. This course has been designed to suit where no shower facility is available and therefore perfect for mobile therapists. Pre-requisite: None

Refresher Courses: Ideal for the returning therapist or therapists just needing to build that extra bit of confidence in treatments. TBC