Holistic & Massage Practical Courses

We have a flexible approach in delivering our professional approved & accredited holistic & massage fast track practical courses. We have courses suitable for beginners without any previous experience, and advanced and refresher courses for existing therapists. Payment options include deposits and payment instalments (please contact us to discuss the instalment option).

Colon Massage: Cost: £70.00 Pre-requisite: None - Colon massage, also known as deep abdominal massage or internal abdominal massage is a wonderful treatment. A gentle and effective treatment focusing on massaging the stomach & abdomen to target the colon. It is becoming extremely popular due to the benefits such as relief from abdominal fluid retention, improved digestive health and relief from IBS. This half day course is great for existing therapists and also suitable for those without any previous experience. 

Himalayan Salt Stone Back Massage: Cost: £75.00 Pre - requisite: Back Massage - A wonderful treatment to compliment your back massage routine. On this half day course you will learn how to exfoliate the back using Himalayan salt & use Himalayan salt stones to offer your clients a deeper massage. 

Himalayan Salt Stone Body Massage: Deposit: £55.00 Cost: £155.00 Pre-requisite: Full Body Massage - A fantastic holistic treatment using warm salt stones to promote deep relaxation, reduce inflammation, improve sleep and a sense of well being. Incorporating Himalayan salt stones into your massage routine allows for more deep tissue work, and reduces fatigue & stress on therapists hand, wrists and body. You will also learn how to exfoliate the body using Himalayan salt to stimulate circulation, cleanse & improve skin texture. 

Hopi Ear Candling: Cost: £75.00 Pre-requisite: None -  Also known as Thermo Auricular Therapy is a lovely relaxing & effective treatment for beginners & existing therapists to learn. This professional half day course will teach you the skills to safely & practically perform this non-invasive holistic therapy including acupressure face & ear massage. 

Indian Head Massage: Deposit: £40.00 Cost: £135.00 Pre-requisite: None - This holistic treatment is very popular with clients due to the many benefits. This course covers the chakra system, the use & benefits of common oils used for this treatment. This one day professional course will teach you traditional seated techniques, massaging the upper back, shoulders, upper arms, neck, scalp & acupressure facial. 

Pregnancy Massage: Deposit: £40.00 Cost: 135.00 Pre-requisites: Full body massage - Also known as pre-natal massage, this is a beautiful treatment to offer your expectant clients. On this professional one day course you will learn how to safely massage the abdomen in particular, as well as the back, shoulders, legs, feet, arms, hands, face & scalp, with your client laying in specific comfortable positions. 

Seated Pregnancy Massage: Cost: £ 75.00 Pre-requisite: Any massage qualification - On this half day course you will learn how to safely carry out a seated pregnancy massage. Massage techniques used to the back, neck, shoulders and scalp is extremely beneficial in helping to relieve headaches, back and shoulder pain, these are common complaints during pregnancy. 

Seated Thai Massage: Deposit: £40.00 Cost: £135.00 - Pre-requisite: None -  A sequence of moves in Thai Massage that have been put together to perform a routine on a specifically designed massage chair, this treatment can also be performed with the client sat cross-legged on the floor, a very portable treatment to learn with minimum equipment required, no oils are used & the client remains fully clothed. On this one day professional course you will learn how to practically & safely perform this treatment on the back, shoulders, arms, neck & scalp. 

Swedish Back Massage: Cost: £75.00 - Pre-requisite: None - This is a truly beneficial treatment to learn, if you would like to enter the profitable & rewarding world of massage then this is the ideal course to start with. On this half day professional course you will be taught specific movements to reduce muscle spasm & relieve back pain, Swedish back massage has the psychological effect of either invigoration or relaxation. 

Swedish Body Massage: Deposit: £80.00 Cost: £300.00 Pre-requisite: None - Swedish massage currently represents the western "standard" for massage therapy. Also commonly known as "therapeutic massage", Swedish Massage represents a general massage system that focuses on increasing circulation and promoting relaxation. There are many benefits such as improving lymphatic drainage, improved mobility, release of endorphins & inducing a sense of wellbeing. On this 2 day course you will learn how to provide a full body massage, case studies will be required to gain your qualification. 

Reflexology: A wonderful natural, holistic, non-invasive therapy that can be given anywhere as the client remains fully clothed. This treatment is based on the discovery that there are points on the feet that correspond to organs, systems & structures with the entire body. ( Available 2022 more information to follow).

Refresher Courses: Ideal for the returning therapist or therapists just needing to build that extra bit of confidence in treatments. Colon Massage, Indian Head Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Seated Pregnancy Massage, Seated Thai Massage Swedish Back Massage, Swedish Full Body Massage Cost: £70.00 Pre-requisite: Proof of original qualification.