We appreciate how expensive training can be and understand that this can be a barrier in learning new skills. We are extremely proud in providing some fantastic offers on our courses.

You have the option to pay for online courses on offer by full payment or E-Vouchers course bundles over £100 can also be paid for using a payment plan. 

Anatomy & Physiology Diploma £25.00

With Any Bedfordshire Serenity School Course 

Maternity & Fertility Reflexology Diploma

 £35.00 (17th-20th June)

Crystal Healing Therapy Diploma

£35.00 (28th-31st July)

Course Bundles

SAVE £85.00

Crystal Healing Therapy Diploma, Colour Healing Therapy Diploma, Meditation Diploma

 £100.00 1st - 8th August

SAVE 50.00

Baby Massage Instructor & Baby Reflexology Instructor


1st - 8th August