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We are proud to offer this fantastic FREE online training intended to help UK professionals spot the signs of domestic abuse.



Gain your professional qualification at your own pace on an award winning educational platform. You will have lifetime access to tutorial videos and e-books. We have a wide selection of affordable makeup, nail, facial, eyelash & brow courses with finance options available.


FHT Level 3 Accredited Anatomy & Physiology Qualification CPD Course 

An FHT Qualification Course is a training course that follows the National Occupational Standard (NOS) and Core Curriculum for the therapy and one which qualifies the student to Practitioner Level. Therapists with a qualification accredited by the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) can apply for membership, tailor-made insurance policies and a listing on the FHT's Accredited Register at no extra charge (eligibility criteria apply). £70.00 



We have a selection of affordable courses for new & existing therapists, there is no time limit on our courses. Our knowledge based courses are ideal if you would like to learn something new for your own development, or refresh your existing knowledge, there is no exam paper or certificate with these courses. 

Accredited & approved courses have been designed for those wishing to train to practitioner level. In order to keep standards high & achieve your qualification there will be an exam paper and or case studies. These courses are insurable & we have recommended pre-requisites on selected courses. 

Different insurance providers will have different pre-requisites it is your responsibly to check that they will cover you once you have qualified. 

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These courses provides some excellent information for anyone wanting to learn something new. Perfect introductory to our approved & accredited courses,  and is also ideal as refresher courses. No certificate is issued as no assessment is required for these courses. (Full Payment)

Anatomy & Physiology: £5.99 -This informative course covers the skin, hair & nails, skeletal, muscular, nervous, endocrine, respiratory, circulatory, lymphatic, digestive, urinary & reproductive system. This course is excellent if you need to refresh your existing knowledge or if you interested in the organ systems. 

Carrier & Essential Oils: £5.99 - Lovely course if you would like to learn about some popular carrier & essential oils. Great for your own personal use or to give some tips & advise to your clients. Information on carrier oils covered include evening primrose oil, jojoba & almond oil and more. The use of essential oils is becoming increasingly popular, this course looks at some methods, properties, uses, benefits & essential oils in pregnancy.

Colour Therapy: £5.99 - If you are would like to know more about colour therapy this starter course is ideal, a perfect introductory to our accredited & approved Colour Healing Therapy diploma Course. This course looks at the history, benefits, properties of colour & how colour can be used as a therapy, learn some tips for yourself & your clients.

Crystal Therapy: £5.99 - History, benefits, chakras & crystal therapy, choosing, programming & cleaning crystals, use of crystals in the home are some of the contents covered in this course. A great course if you are interested in crystals to use at home, pass your knowledge onto your clients or considering a fully accredited course in the future.

Energy: £5.99 - Learn about the aura, the meridian system, SEN channels & the Chakra system. This course looks at chakra visualisation & cleansing the chakras, grounding, centering & shielding.

First Aid: £4.99 - This course is not intended to replace the knowledge & skills that you will gain on a practical course, but aims to provide some useful information with some video links. This course covers vaso vagal, CPR, anaphylaxis, choking, external bleeding & eye injury.

Meditation: Available soon


Courses can be paid for in full, deposits or e-vouchers (minimum £10.00, valid for 1 year (use code when booking your course).

Anatomy & Physiology Diploma: Cost: £55.00 (Please see offer price) This accredited & approved comprehensive course is often a pre-requisite for many professional beauty & holistic courses, this course has been written to the same standards as a level 3 course. To perform effective treatments it is necessary to have essential knowledge of anatomy & physiology  & common pathologies, muscles & the following systems. The skin, hair, nails, skeletal, muscular, nervous, endocrine, respiratory, circulatory/cardiovascular, lymphatic, digestive, urinary/renal & reproductive system. An examination paper will need to be completed to gain your qualification. Pre-requisite: None

Aromatherapy Blending Diploma: Cost: £65.00 - Popularity of Aromatherapy has increased greatly mainly due to a change in attitude and public awareness to the many benefits of holistic therapies. This course is designed for existing qualified massage therapists to enable them to blend their own Aromatherapy Oils specific to each client to assist in their massage treatment. Course contents: History, benefits, properties of essential oils, therapeutic terms, essential oils in pregnancy,  health & safety, contraindications, consultation process, contra-actions, aftercare Advice, A & P relevant to Aromatherapy, blending oils & methods using essential oils. Pre-requisite: Massage Qualification (e.g. Indian Head Massage, Back Massage).

Baby Massage Instructor Diploma: Cost: £75.00 - Learn how to teach parents/carers massage on their babies, this course covers baby anatomy & physiology, development stages, baby communication and bonding, common baby ailments and beneficial oils to use in baby massage. Consultation, contraindications, homecare, health, safety & hygiene, professional ethics, insurance and GDPR. This course provides you with sample teaching plans and has beautifully coloured detailed images with instructions on how to perform baby massage movements, routine & stretches. Once you have completed your examination you will be qualified to run your own baby massage classes/workshops. Pre-requisites: A Massage, Reflexology, Holistic or Beauty Qualification  Desirable But Not Essential

Baby Reflexology Instructor Diploma: Cost: £75.00 - Having this skill provides amazing opportunity for any professional & passionate reflexologist, or massage therapist. This course will provide you with the knowledge &skills to run your own classes, workshops or 1 - 1 sessions instructing parents/carers baby reflexology. Baby reflexology movements, child development stages, setting up for a baby reflexology class, anatomy & physiology for babies is some of the content covered in this course. Pre-requisite: Reflexology or a Massage Qualification.

Colour Healing Therapy Diploma: Cost: £55.00 - A lovely holistic non-invasive treatment that can be used as a stand alone treatment or compliment other therapies. This course is suitable for complete beginners, some contents covered in this approved & accredited course includes  the history, benefits, science of colour therapy. The use of colour, colour numerology, colour reference for specific ailments and different ways to use colour therapy treatments. To qualify as a colour healing practitioner you will need to complete a exam paper to test your knowledge. Pre-requisite: None

Crystal Healing Therapy Diploma: Cost: £55.00 - A lovely non-invasive holistic therapy that can be used as a stand-alone therapy or complement other therapies. Some areas covered in this accredited diploma course includes, the science, human energy field, choosing, programming, re-energising crystals, grounding, centering & shielding, dowsing, how to make elixirs, crystals & essential oils, crystal exercises, crystals in the home & routines. This course is suitable for beginners as well as existing therapists. Pre-requisite: None

Hand Reflexology Diploma: Cost: £65.00 - Hand Reflexology is an alternative to traditional foot reflexology and is an extremely effective treatment. It is a form of natural, holistic therapy based on the discovery that there are points on the hands which correspond to organs, systems and structures with the entire body. This corresponding relationship is called a 'reflex'. By using special pressure techniques to stimulate the points on the hands, imbalances in the tissues, organs and systems of the body can be effective in helping restore the body to balance and well-being, this non-invasive treatment can be given anywhere & is a great skill to learn a Reflexology qualification is desirable.

Chinese Hand Reflexology Diploma: Cost: £45.00 - If you are qualified in hand reflexology this exclusive short course is ideal for you. It provides the knowledge to compliment your usual hand reflexology routine, or can also be offered as a standalone treatment.  In traditional Chinese medicine, meridians are channels that form a network in the body similar to the zones that are traditionally known in Reflexology. The meridian lines have acupressure points located on them. Chinese Hand Reflexology uses a reflexology/Thai massage stick to work on acupressure points. This course covers the role of meridians & related acupoints, examines the oriental concept of Yin & Yang and the five Chinese elements, routine & short exam paper. 

Maternity & Fertility Reflexology Diploma: Cost: £65.00 - Maternity reflexology is a branch of reflexology aimed specifically at women during pre-conception, pregnancy, labour and the post-natal period. Hormones in harmony are essential for reproduction working particularly on the endocrine and reproductive system. This detailed and comprehensive course covers pre-conception, miscarriage, pregnancy, labour and post-natal reflexology techniques. Learning these amazing techniques will help you to support your client holistically with the physical & emotional symptoms that can arise, expanding your client base. In order to gain your maternity & fertility reflexology practitioner diploma you must pass the examination paper Pre-requisite: Foot Reflexology Qualification.

Meditation Diploma: Cost: £75.00 - If you are interested in meditation and becoming a fully qualified meditation practitioner this course is ideal. This comprehensive course covers the meditation techniques and tools to teach others, in a group or on a one to one basis, covering teaching styles & preparing a lesson plan,  as well as self meditation instructions for self development.

Meditation has a long history of use for increasing calmness and physical relaxation, improving psychological balance, coping with stress, and enhancing well-being. There are many different types of meditation techniques, this amazing course will explore different techniques, different positions & benefits. Meditation fundamentals, the meditation process, the human energy field, grounding, centering & shielding and so much more. an examination paper will need to be completed to gain your qualification. Pre-requisite: None