We have a selection of affordable fast track professional approved and accredited online beauty & holistic courses, please do not miss out on our offers!

Training online provides the flexibility to learn at your own pace without time limits working around your existing commitments suitable for new and existing therapists. Practical courses provides hands on training suited for both new and experienced therapists.

We are working on adding more courses for you, some of these include:-

Spa Treatments

Luxury/Spa Manicure & Pedicure

Gel Polish


Bedfordshire Serenity School has payment options available on approved & accredited courses. 

Full Payment: Accepted on online and practical courses.

E - Vouchers: Online courses (Minimum £10.00, valid for 1 year, please use the code when booking your course). Can be used for online courses on offer.

Deposit: £35.00 part time course £55.00 full time course £75.00 longer courses.

Payment Plan: Available on online and practical courses over £100. Option to pay for your course in 3 or 6 instalments. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss this option.


Course manuals are emailed to you at the earliest opportunity once full payment has been made for your course.

Online Courses: You will receive the full course manual and assessment instructions. 

Practical Courses: To ensure that you receive dedicated hands on learning you will receive your manual to read before your training day. Please ensure that you have access to your manual either on your training day.

Our professional manuals are written to high standards in order to be approved and accredited. The contents covered in the manuals have been tailored to provide all relevant information for each course. Depending on the course most manuals will cover the following: Body Mechanics - History - Benefits - Equipment needed - Contraindications/Actions - Aftercare Advice - Client Consultation - Consultation Form - GP Referral Letter - Hygiene - Preparing your Work Area - Health & Safety - Professional Ethics - Insurance - GDPR/Data Protection/Client Confidentiality - Marketing - Relevant Anatomy and Physiology - Treatment Routine/Procedure. 

Please get in touch if you would like more information on full course details on a specific course.


In order to keep standards high and achieve your Bedfordshire Serenity School qualification you will be assessed through examination paper, case studies, live video assessment and continuous observation depending on your course. 

It is a requirement to reach the expected level in order to pass the course, you will be guided and supported to ensure that you obtain the required knowledge and skills to be confident in your treatments.


As an approved & accredited training provider our professional online & practical courses are fully insurable. We have recommended pre-requisites for some of our courses but different insurance providers will have different pre-requisites it is your responsibility to check that your insurance company will cover your course. If you do not have insurance we are affiliated with & recommend Westminster insurance.